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GKN 4/23/12 – Are You Cool Enough To Be An Aquabat?

Good Afternoon so you on this slightly soggy Monday! We really needed some rain around here. Not because of drought-like conditions or anything, I just wanted all that pollen off my car…


My buddies Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi have started up their famous voiceover podcast again. This time around it’s called “The Voice Over Cafe”. And guess who was their first guest? Wrong! It was me! Click here to listen and subscribe. Break a leg, guys!

Dan Duckworth (on of my voiceover mentors) has a very important announcement:

If you’re getting all the bookings you want, then don’t bother to attend my Power Marketing Workshop For Voiceovers, Saturday, April 28th. However, if you COULD use a boost in income from your VO business, pick up your phone and call Carole ASAP to nail down one of the 12 spots for this special event.

In addition to my award winning Power Marketing Seminar, you’ll receive this special bonus – a private telephone coaching/consulting session ($200 value). Fee for this package is just $45, but will be limited to only 12 participants. The workshop will be packed with income producing marketing tips, and the private telephone coaching session will give special attention to YOU and YOUR voiceover business. A $245 package for just $45.

Again, call Carole at 917-363-3130.

I’ve attended this seminar more than once and it was a great experience every time. You will learn A LOT.

TIP OF THE WEEK: This one’s easy! Subscribe to the Voice Over Cafe and take Dan’s Power Marketing Seminar.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity. Henry Hartman

STUFF!: Over the weekend I went to my niece Asha’s Fourth Birthday Party. And we had a special guest-appearance by her favorite superheroes: THE AQUABATS!

I was Crash MacLarsen. Dead sexy, right?

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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