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GKN Weekly Update

Hey there all you TV fans,

I hope everyone had a great week. I myself had a rather interesting experience. I woke up early Thursday morning in excruciating pain. So I dragged myself to the Emergency Room and discovered I have a kidney stone. Yay! They kept me there overnight. I declined surgery so I’ve been cooped up at home for the past four days trying to pass it. So far, no luck.

As a result, I missed two recording sessions last week. One was another retake session for Ballard & Tighe. The other was for a new client. I was supposed to go to Riverview Studios in Bordentown to record two sixty-second spots for the NJ Association of Realtors. Unfortunately they had to re-cast the role since they were on a tight deadline. Bummer! The good news is that they may have more work for me in the near future.

I did actually make it to a recording session for ETS before my incapacitation so the week wasn’t a total loss. Actually, I did manage to put in some work on my website. It’s always looked pretty God-awful but I never had the time to work on it. It’s a little better now. You can see it here. There is still a long way to go. I’m thinking of getting a new web host with a better template. This one is via Yahoo Geocities. Not so great.

TIP OF THE WEEK: So I’ve been in quite a bit of pain for the past few days. I’m talking about “lie on the bed and do nothing but pant” kind of pain. It made me realize how healthy I have been for most of my life. This is only the second time I spent the night at a hospital. The first time was to have my tonsils taken out. I was five and I remember it vividly, even the dream I had while I was under. I’ve had a few broken bones and stitches, three or four cavities, a bum knee (wrcnhed it in dance class), a pre-ulcer condition, and vertigo/migraines (too much Diet Pepsi). That’s about it. I am very fortunate to have good health. In the future, every time I complain about a hangnail I will remember what I’m feeling right now and tell myself to shut the hell up.

The same thing goes for my career and personal life. I am lucky to be doing exactly what I want with my career and I am surrounded by many, many loving friends and family members. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve been counting my blessings and I ran out of fingers! Don’t forget all of the good things you have going for you.


A friend is someone you know all about, but you like anyway. Bill Parcells TIP OF THE WEEK: What good things in your life do you take for granted?

Have a great week!


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