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GKN Weekly Update 10/26/09

Happy Old Daylight Savings Time Day! How do I know this? The clock on my VCR went back an hour and for the life of me I can’t fix it! When is the new one?

Anyway, I’ve noticed that I’ve been recording from home a lot more than I used to, at least in the past two months. I audition online, I record the files in my home studio aka my padded-down front closet, edit it, save it, and email it to the client. More often than not I get paid via PayPal, which means no trip to the bank. So I look for work, get work, and get paid for work without having the leave the house! Pretty nice, huh?

However, I make it a point to exercise, shower, eat, get dressed, and make sure I’m at my desk & ready to go by 9AM. Why? This is a job, just like any other. Also, I feel more energized & productive if I’m…presentable. I think that’s the right word. Maybe professional? Something like that. Anyway, the days I don’t do that I get less work done. Weird, huh?

TIP OF THE WEEK: Do whatever you need to do to be as prepared and motivated as possible for your day. If you feel like you aren’t, change your routine, maybe even your diet. Find the right formula to put you at your best!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: We are not here to curse the darkness, we are here to light a candle. John F. Kennedy

(BTW I had to go back to the top of my quote list because I ran out. I have 195!)

DISCUSS!: Do you work from home? What do you do to get yourself ready for the day?

Have a great week!


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