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GKN Weekly Update 6/14/10

Good morning, and welcome to the Good Karma Network Weekly Update. I’m Tom Dheere.

Here are today’s top stories:

Tom Dheere’s latest audio book project “Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 2” will release on Wednesday, June 23. Mr. Dheere narrates five of the ten stories. When asked about the project, he said he was looking forward to the release and would like to thank Allan Kaster of Infinivox for casting him as well as Siera Spreen of Panetta Studios for recording and editing the project.

One of Tom Dheere’s animated science fiction projects “Blastaway” is slowly but surely moving forward. Pre-production is fully underway. The production script is complete and all roles have been cast. This five-minute short will be used as a marketing tool to promote the full-length feature, which is currently seeking funding.

In Science and Technology News, Tom Dheere has purchased a Blackberry Bold. Mr. Dheere felt it was about time he finally entered the 21st Century. When asked what he thought of the new device he replied, “It’s like having a laptop in my pocket!”

TIP OF THE WEEK: As you know, I try to keep this blog as perky and professional as possible (goofy fake newscast aside) so please forgive this temporary lapse. Anyway, the “bad things happen to good people” bug has hit my clan pretty hard over the past few weeks. Don’t worry, nobody is dying, but it’s been pretty weird around here and I’ve been quite preoccupied by it.

As a result, I haven’t been at my best. That’s fine because we all have our ups and downs. What isn’t fine is that I have not been COMMUNICATING this fact to the right people in the right way. There have been repercussions and I’m dealing with it. I would spare you this situation.

When you’re going through whatever you may be going through at any given time, don’t withdraw! If you are going to anyway, at least announce it. There is nothing worse than a person constantly worrying and second-guessing themselves because they don’t know why so-and-so isn’t returning their calls. It’s cruel.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The definition of mental health is work and love. Sigmund Freud

STUFF!: Does anyone know of some good apps to download into my Blackberry? I was told Poynt is a good one…

Thank you for reading. From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN.


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