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GKN Weekly Update 6/27/11

Happy Summer! It officially began last Tuesday but it feels like it’s been with us far longer than that, hasn’t it?

A lot of great things happened last week but I’m gonna set all that aside to cover two topics…

My PayPal account got messed with without my knowledge. Apparently, I subscribed to Elegant Themes (a WordPress enhancement service) while I was sleeping last night. Now, either I’ve been sleep-cyber surfing, or something REALLY strange is going on. I talked to PayPal this morning and everything is getting straightened out. How Elegant Themes accessed my account I have no idea, but I did change my password and security questions in hopes that something like this never happens again. I’ve never been hacked before and let me tell you, it is not a good feeling…

On a marginally lighter note,  I have been getting many LinkedIn & Branch Out endorsements and requests for endorsements from people whom I have never worked with. Some of them I have never corresponded with, or even met! While I’m flattered by the recommendations from people I don’t know, I feel kinda funny about it.

So here’s  the deal: if I have worked with you , I will be happy to write a positive testimonial on your behalf. If not, please don’t endorse me and don’t ask for one, either. I think it’s a massaging of this particular system and  I don’t feel comfortable vouching for people I don’t know, much less haven’t worked with.

TIP OF THE WEEK: It’s important that you use “strong” passwords to keep your important online accounts, especially the financial ones, safe. Use at least eight characters and use a combination of letters and numbers in your password. Also, don’t use the same password for every account. I know it’s hard to keep track of a bunch of different passwords, so use a “theme” with each group of accounts (financial, social, shopping, etc.) so you can keep track of them.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to fix it. Orlando A. Battista

STUFF!: I have discovered a great new show on PBS! It’s called “Vince Talk” with Stanley Tucci. Every week he and a celebrity panel blind-taste six different wines from a particular grape/region. Then they vote on which one they like best and compare it with the studio audience’s pick. Stanley is brilliant and funny always and it’s a lot of fun! Go to to check it out.

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News.


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