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GKN Weekly Update 9/7/09

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their well-deserved time off. I, in the land of the self-employed, am doing my thing today. I already submitted three auditions this morning via Voice123 and will continue with my regular Monday routine.

Last week I recorded four voiceovers from home. For me, that’s a lot! Two were from old clients and two were from a new client. I also had two auditions courtesy of Ingrid French, one for ING Savings Bank and one for the Neilsen Corporation. Both went very well, but I want to talk about the second one.

First of all, I had to wear a suit. Now don’t get me wrong, I like dressing up, but I always feel like my chances of booking a gig go down when I do. I guess I feel like a schlub and all the other guys look so darn dapper. Also, I was auditioning for the role of a corporate executive. Did you know the average CEO is over six feet tall? People subconsciously equate height with confidence & power. Weird, huh? I’m 5’9″ which is the average male height and I’ve never felt short but I did THAT day! Anyway, I did very well in the audition but I was mad at myself for weakening my own position based on my silly neuroses. Of course the ridiculous inner monologue disappears the second I walk in the room but I shouldn’t psyche myself out like that.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Don’t be your own worst enemy! Always set yourself up for success both physically and mentally. Be prepared, be positive, and have fun!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: We are what we imagine ourselves to be. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

DISCUSS!: Have you ever auditioned for a part that you didn’t feel right for? How did you do?


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