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How to REALLY Invest in your Voice Over Career! – GKN Weekly Update 9/10/13

Hello and Happy Patriot Day, Back-To-School Day, and my birthday!!! Whoop whoop! I turn the big four-two on Friday. And I will dutifully celebrate it with hot wings, cold beer, and good friends. Oh, and a raw bar. Yummers!


  1. I had the interview with romance novel “Safe Harbor” author Judith Arnold last week and it was a lot of fun! Click here to see the video. Please Like and Share it!

  2. Today I will be the reader for sci-fi celebrity Patricia Tallman of Babylon 5 fame as she records her role in the next Radio Repertory Company of America’s next radio drama: “Jean Richman Smokes a Joint”.

  3. On Tuesday, September 17 at Farleigh Dickenson University I have the honor & pleasure of being a panelist for the MCA-I Kickoff Meeting. The topic: Promote Yourself! I, along with MCA-I North Jersey President & dear friend Liz DeNesnera and Wendy Flannagan of Brand4Market will be on the panel, moderated by another great friend Paul Payton. Click here for more information and how to attend.

  4. Voice Over Virtual is almost here! It’s gonna be a lot of fun. If you’re attending (and you should!) it would be awesome if you stopped by Tom’s Tiki Lounge! Click here to learn more. I do need some help, though. I wanna come up with names of special Voice Over Virtual drinks, For example, the wonderful Elizabeth Holmes said she will be enjoying Cline Cellars (Sonoma) version of her favorite varietal — Viognier ~ Outstanding Vino! Get it?

  5. The latest episode of the Voice Over Cafe is ready! Erik Sheppard is our guest. You can listen to the podcast here!

I was talking with a colleague last week and we pondered why so many people are drawn to the arts/entertainment/media industry but fail. Lack of talent is certainly one reason. Lacking business acumen & marketing skills are certainly another. What I think is a big one is not understanding investment vs. ROI. I’m not talking just about buying a new mic or taking a class. I’m also talking about investing in endeavors to develop non-craft related skills and your marketing/social media presence.

With that in mind, let’s examine the  News and Notes part of my blog. I usually just chuck them into my blog and forget about them so I can focus on the meat. As I look at them now, I notice that while all of them are fun, wonderful things I’m proud to be a part of, none of them directly generate revenue. So why do I do them? I’m investing!

TIP OF THE WEEK: So how can you invest in your career? Let’s look at those News and Notes again…

I posted the “Safe Harbor” interview on YouTube. I keyworded the video so fans of the author as well romance novel readers will find it. Other romance novel authors may also find and possibly request my services.

Being a reader for Pat Tallman is great marketing material since I can blog & post about it. Her Facebook Fan Page has almost 19,000 likes so that’s a huge fan base to be exposed to!

Being a panelist for MCA-I will present me as an expert in a field. In this case, self-promotion. Also, there will be producers, editors, etc. in the audience who might keep me in mind for future projects as a voice talent.

Like the panel, being the Marketing Consultant for Voice Over Virtual presents me as an expert in the field of marketing. Spending time in Tom’s Tiki Lounge will have great networking potential and possibly attract new VO Strategist students.

As the Program Director for the Voice Over Cafe, I continue to develop my writing & production skills as well as be part of a great production with a strong social media presence.

Oh, and I get to do all of these things with my friends and it’s fun as hell. Win/win/win!


Richard Nixon is a no-good, lying bastard.

If he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d tell a lie just to keep his hand in.

Harry S Truman

STUFF!: Last week I mentioned that my best friend Carly Johnstone was performing at the Tour de Fat in Fort Collins, Colorado. Well, now one of her Moth stories has been published! Check it out here!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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