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Unleashing Your Voice Acting Potential with Mary Lynn Wissner

In the realm of the performing arts, voice acting often takes a back seat to more visible roles. However, the unique challenges and rewards that come with this profession are undeniable. As the industry evolves and expands, so should the training methods of aspiring and professional voice actors. Enter Mary Lynn Wissner, a renowned casting director and commercial voiceover coach, who has revolutionized the voice acting training landscape.

The Importance of Voice Acting Training

Voice acting is more than just speaking into a microphone. It is about bringing a script to life using only your vocal skills. This requires the ability to interpret scripts, adapt to different roles, and deliver performances that can engage an audience without the aid of visual cues.

Without proper training, it can be difficult for voice actors to develop these skills. This is where Mary Lynn Wissner comes into play. With her extensive experience in the industry, she offers invaluable insight into what directors and producers are looking for in voiceover performances.

Why Choose Mary Lynn Wissner?

Mary Lynn Wissner isn't just any voiceover coach. She's a casting director with over 25 years of experience in the industry. This gives her a unique perspective and understanding of what casting directors are looking for. She has cast thousands of voiceover projects and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Disney, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola.

Expertise and Experience

Wissner's expertise extends beyond casting. As a commercial voiceover coach, she has trained countless voice actors, helping them to refine their skills and expand their range. Her clients have gone on to book major voiceover gigs with top brands and production companies.

Personalized Approach

One of the hallmarks of Wissner's coaching style is her personalized approach. She understands that every voice actor is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, she tailors her coaching to suit the individual needs of each actor, helping them to unlock their full potential.

Industry Connections

Wissner's long-standing presence in the industry means she has a wealth of connections. This can prove invaluable for voice actors looking to break into the industry. Her trainees not only get top-notch coaching but also gain exposure to industry professionals who can further their careers.


In a thriving industry like voice acting, training under the guidance of a seasoned professional like Mary Lynn Wissner can make all the difference. From her deep industry knowledge to her personalized coaching style, Wissner offers an unparalleled training experience for voice actors. Whether you're an industry newbie or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your skills, training with Wissner is a surefire way to elevate your voiceover career to new heights.

Don't just take our word for it. Experience the Mary Lynn Wissner difference for yourself and watch as your voiceover career takes flight.



Why do I recommend them?

I've known and worked with Mary Lynn for YEARS. She's amazing at what she does and has unquestionably taken my commercial voiceover skills to the next level. She's awesome!

Mary Lynn offers:

  • Casting

  • Coaching

  • Demo Production

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Tom Dheere

He's the VO Strategist, a voice over business & marketing coach and demo producer since 2011. Tom Dheere is also a voice actor with over 25 years of experience who has narrated just about every type of voiceover you can think of. When not voicing or talking about voicing, Tom produces the sci-fi comic book Agent 1.22.


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