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Voiceovers And Helpful Blog Posts – The Not Silent Blog 01/29/19

Since I’m not actually here this week (you’ll know what I mean by that next week 😉 ), I thought I’d keep y’all busy by posting some helpful blog posts. Sort of a Tom’s Greatest Hits thang. There’s an app, I mean, there’s a blog for that.

Here, by number of reads, are my Top Ten Helpful Blog Posts!


Read them! Duh.

Seriously though. Since I’ve been blogging for over ten years, I’ve covered almost every voiceover subject there is. If there is any area of the voiceover industry you want to learn more about, or at least get my perspective on, just use the search function at top the top-right hand of my website to find some helpful blog posts. If I haven’t covered a particular topic, write me and I’ll be happy to blog about it.

See you next week…!


Thursday, February 7th @8PM EST: My next Edge Studio Business and Money 201 webinar will be “Rates, Negotiating, and Billing”. We’re gonna talk about, well, rates, negotiating, and billing. Click here to sign up.

Wednesday, February 20th @8PM EST: my next Edge Studio Marketing 201 webinar will be “4 Words That Will Kill Your Marketing”. We’ll talk about how think like an effective marketer. Click here to sign up.

SAVE THE DATE Tuesday, February 26th @9PM EST: I will be leading a “Managing Your Money” webinar hosted by the wonderful Julie Williams. Details to come…!

SAVE THE DATE Sunday, March 24th @1:30 PM EST: I will be leading a “Managing Your Money” workshop at Arts On Site in NYC. We’ll talk about all things financial as a voiceover business and how to files your taxes in 2019. I will post the link when tickets are available. FYI the VO of NYC donation-based events sell out FAST so when tickets go on sale, don’t dawdle!

March 29-31, 2019: VO Atlanta 2019 update! My Breakout Session will be “The Sales Funnel” and my X-Session will be “Managing Your Money”. If you’re attending VO Atlanta, the X-Session seats are limited so sign up today!



Tom Dheere is a 20+year veteran of the voice over industry who has narrated thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in over a dozen countries. He is also voiceover business consultant known as the VO Strategist and is currently producing the comic book “Agent 1.22”.


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