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Are you considering becoming a voice actor?

With the recent attention the voiceover industry is receiving, there are hundreds of people flocking to it every week. Some will make it, most will not. The voiceover industry is an extremely difficult business to navigate that requires an incredible amount of hard work to succeed. This is not meant to discourage you, just to prepare you for what lies ahead.

  • Everyone tells me I have a good voice. What should I do next?
    There is much more to being a successful voice actor than just having a good voice. In fact, that is the least important aspect of my job. A successful voice actor is, first and foremost an actor! I went to college & graduate school for acting and have been pursuing voiceovers for over 25 years. I learn new things every week! It is not a skill that comes naturally; it is something that takes a ton of focus to learn. Want to know where your voice lands in today's industry? Book a free consult with me and let's chat...
  • How much money do I need to invest to get started doing voice over?
    Starting a career in the voiceover industry is not cheap. Do not invest any significant amount of money into your new business until you are 100% sure that voiceover is the right vocation for you. Many folks have learned the hard way that they can't make a living at this. ​ Determine if you have the talent to be an affective voice actor. Schedule a diagnostic with one of these amazing voiceover coaches. Even if you do have talent, talent is not enough. ​ You need to be prepared to initially invest anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 in your new business. This includes performance training, demos, a home studio, a website, marketing materials, and more. ​ Do not pay money to produce a demo with anyone who does not first offer you training. Lots of people want your money and will charge anywhere from $100-$4000 for a demo that will do nothing for you. Research every coach you consider and feel free to ask for my opinion. ​ If you determine you have the talent, time, and resources to become a voice talent, keep a few things in mind: The voiceover industry is not 'A Chorus Line' or 'American Idol'. You will not be “discovered”, get “lucky”, or be given “your big break”. It just doesn’t work that way. Those are external factors you have no control over. You control what truly counts: your training, your resources, your business plan, and your will to succeed. The voiceover industry is a small, small world. Treat everyone kindly, as you don't know where your next gig may come from. And we all talk to each other… Figure out what success looks like for you. If you want to do voiceovers for grocery money, that’s totally valid. If you want to voice major video games or be in a Pixar film, that’s valid too but you need to do different things to achieve different types of success. Each person must follow a different path. There is no set way to become a professional voice actor.
  • Do I need to move to a big city to be a voice actor?
    You don't have to live in New York or LA to make a living with your voice. Many people are investing in home studios with phone patch technology that make it possible to record their voice and connect live with producers & directors anywhere in the world.
  • I'm looking for a good voiceover coach. Who do you recommend?
    Training is key to voiceover success - read more about who I recommend HERE >>
  • I got my training and produced a demo. Now what?
    This is where I come in. I can help you become an effective voiceover business. This includes helping you develop the right Systems of Thought and Systems of Execution. You need to think and execute like a business with a thoughtful, specific business plan and a cohesive marketing strategy. That way you can create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients. That is what successful businesses do and by working with me, that is what you can be.
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