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Is Your Voiceover Blog About Me Or You? – The GKN Weekly Update 7/8/14

Hello and Happy post-Fourth! Also known as the 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. Do you still have all of your fingers, toes, and livers?

I have so many items in the “News and Notes” section this week I’ll just make that my blog entry. What, that’s a brilliant idea and I am so handsome and slim? Aw, shucks!


I recently checked out the “Who’s Coming?” page of the FaffCamp website and it’s awesome to see so many fellow Faffers! Like I always say, “One Faffer is too many and a thousand are not enough.” Actually, I’ve never said that, but never mind! We have until Friday, July 11 to get enough signups to make FaffCamp 2 a reality so if you plan on registering please do it ASAP.

If you’ve never been to a FaffCon or Faff Camp voiceover conference and you want more information, go to the FaffCamp website or drop me a line.

Oh, and don’t forget to use my promo code VT8987248 to get $25 off your registration fee. Let’s make FaffCamp 2 happen!!!

Here’s a BONUS “June is Audio Book Month” contest! This week I’m giving away one free download of the audiobook “30 Rock and Philosophy” by J. Jeremy Wisnewski.

This one was really fun to narrate! I got to narrate bits of scenes between the 30 Rock cast members. What a well-written show! All you have to do is comment on this blog entry. The first one to comment wins! BTW you need an Audible or Amazon account to download the audiobook. Good luck!

I’ve had the pleasure of narrating yet another set of stories for Infinivox! The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 6 will release on July 15th. That makes seventeen compilations and 61 stories now. I’m a very lucky guy!

The first Daddy School audio book is now on sale! Father Found: The Daddy School, Book 1 released last week. Book 2, “Father Christmas” will hit the virtual shelves in the next few weeks. I’m about to do retakes for Book 3, “Father of Two” this week so that one should release sometime next month.

My first app narration has released! It’s called Mind Warrior. Would me listening to an app of me telling me to relax actually make me relax? How many times can I use the word me in a sentence…?

Remember in last week’s blog when I talked about my fancy-schmancy new signup form on my website? Well, I recently finished organizing my mailing lists in Mail Chimp and I want to give everyone a chance to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to my blog, my newsletter, and/or VO Strategist Notice. Just go to the Contact Page of my website so you can do your thang. Thanks!


Recently I was looking at some of my older blog entries circa 2006-2008. Holy exercise in narcissism, Batman! And they were boring, too. Now that I look at this entry, there is a fair amount of “me me me” in it and for that, I apologize. This week there just happens to be a burst of projects I’m proud to be a part of.

I’ve been told as recently as last week that my social media presence is appreciated because I don’t brag too much and I try to share. That means a lot to me! There are quite a few blogs out there designed to sell stuff, stroke the writer’s ego, or both. If you write a blog or are considering starting one, you need to make it about you, but not about you. Does that make any sense?



Over the holiday weekend I saw the new Tom Cruise sci-fi film “Edge of Tomorrow”. I don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud at a movie so much, but it was for the right reasons. It was very well-made and hits all the right buttons. Still on the summer movie list is Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Begin Again.

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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