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Why Your Marketing Is Poop

Yes, most of your marketing is poop.

Until about 10-12 years ago my voiceover marketing was poop, too. I used to market myself in one of two ways, often both:

  1. From a position of ego

  2. From a position of fear

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"Marketing is the art & science of building meaningful relationships" - Tom

How does one usually market themselves in a poop-like fashion?

When you market yourself from a position of ego, it usually looks something like this:

LOOK AT ME!!! Aren't I awesome? Don't I sound awesome? Here's a fuzzy Instagram pic of me auditioning for a gig whilst violating my NDA! Cast me now, Now, NOW!!!

When you market yourself from a position of fear, it usually looks something like this:

I'm REALLY sorry to bother you but I've always been told I have a great voice but I've been too shy to use it and even though I'm a know-nothing newb I was wondering if you could possibly have the chance of having any work for me right now please I'll work for free I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Tip Of the Week

  • Don't oversell yourself

  • Don't undersell yourself

  • Don't think of it as selling at all!

  • Market yourself from a position of value. Demonstrate your value as both a voice actor and a good human that they would like to work with.

  • Yes, you should share your victories & milestones, but don't come off as a self-aggrandizing clown

  • Yes, you should be modest and humble, but do it without apologizing or groveling

  • Seek balance in your marketing efforts!

FYI no blog next week! See you February 15th!

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Tom Dheere

Tom Dheere is the VO Strategist, a voice over business & marketing coach and demo producer since 2011. He is also a voice actor with over 25 years of experience who has narrated just about every type of voiceover you can think of. When not voicing or talking about voicing, he produces the sci-fi comic book Agent 1.22.


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